20.09.22 / 20:20 UTC


Experience in building ecosystems with utility and ROI Dapp’s brought us the point where we was able to successfully connetct both – ROI instruments and Incentivising, TVL outflow regalatory Gaming Platform including Native Token with Liquidity Pool for prizes being build from a part of the BUSD miner tax. 

ATTENTION: All deposits made in Gaming Platform wi use of the same wallet as for depositing in BUSD miner will be added to the deposit base of the users!

Thats right – when playing on Gaing Platform Your deposits will be sent to the TVL of the BUSD miner and even when You lose – You actualy win becouse that deposits starts earniing new BUSD in the ROI tool!


Our advanced ROI DeFi DAPP performs coplex logic functions inside blockchain contract to guaratee an even ROI redistribution between all participants of the Golden Ball staking game!

Stake Your BUSD tokens inside this sofisticated decentrilised finance tool to grow Your claiming wallet for up to 6% daily – starting from 2%!

Since we exactly know, how important is to keep TVL above outflow brakepoint, we have managed to implement a Crypto Gaming platform with very attractive games – Read more below!


Our ROI Dapp’s TVL is supported by professionaly developed gaming platform. You can join, buy tokens and play for even more tokens! 

This gambling simulation delivers profit to Golden Ball contract TVL by sending 100% of the players deposit to the BUSD miner TVL.
Remember – use the same wallet across our platforms and You will grow BUSD miner deposit base on every deposit made on Gamin Platform – Yes, You will earn even when You don’t win!

 Since we exactly know, how important is to keep TVL above outflow brakepoint, we have managed to implement a Crypto Gaming platform with this very attractive games!


All winnings on Gaming Platform will be paid in the native token – YBT.

Liquidity Pool for this token will be provided from 2% of the Deposit Tax of BUSD miner – Yes, it is a permanent flow of liquidity for YBT token!

Liquidity Pool will be available for YBT/BUSD exchange via PancakeSwap – the most popular DEX in the world!

Golden Ball is protected by all coprights. All infridgement will be prosecuted by the law. 
Atom Miner is not a financial instrument. 
Golden Ball does not provide any financial advices and is not a gambling platform. This is only a game!

WARNING: Golden Ball is subjected to a high risk!
Please make play with caution. Golden Ball will not be responsible for any losses. Crypto markets and Blockchain technology are high risk! Always do your own reasearch!